What is Vaginitis?


Vaginitis is a term referring to microbial infection of inflammation of the vagina . Usually it’s not just vaginitis but also vulvo-vaginitis (inflammation of the vulva also) or it is accompanied by cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix). 75% of women will suffer from vaginitis at some point of their life and 40-50% of them, more [...]

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What are the causes?


Vaginitis doesn’t always have clear causes. Manny times it is the result of an infection by pathogens like bacteria or fungi, which either come from the rectum and migrate to the vagina through the perineum or they find the opportunity to develop because of some disturbances in the normal flora of the vagina. In many [...]

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What can we do to prevent vaginitis?


For prevention you should comply with good hygiene rules but in a way that the normal flora of the vagina is not disturbed. Avoid internal washes with antiseptics which can disturb the microbial balance of the vagina and favor the development of pathogens. Daily cleaning of the area with a special product and lots of [...]

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