Unfortunately I suffer from chronic psoriasis. After a friend’s recommendation the last 6 months I’m being treated by Dr. Neophytou . The marks have reduced significantly and my life has quality again!

Petros, 32y

Words cannot describe the incredible results!!!! I had acne at the age of 23 and within a year my face was a mess bumps, marks, scars. Now I am 29 and since then my face is clean! I trust him completely me and my family!!!

Emily, 29y

Winter is coming and I look forward to the peels that I love so much. This way I feel relaxed, my face becomes clean and fresh and the wrinkles are softened!

Katerina, 41y

Usually I’m reluctant to medical treatments of cosmetic nature . After reading about mesotherapy, I was convinced to try by the dermatologist Dr. Neophytou. The results left me satisfied a lot, my skin is brighter, rehydrated and firm. I’m very happy indeed!

Georgia, 45y

I suffered continuously from cysts in the bikini area. My skin was scarring but mainly I was in a lot of pain, I was really suffering. The doctor recommended laser hair removal. Now I’m calm and very grateful! And most importantly it was completely painless.

Olivia, 26y

Every day I was losing hair. I thought I would turn bald as my father was. I started to lose my self-esteem. I paid a visit to Dr. Neophytou, I followed his guidelines and a year after not only I kept my hair but my image is better that I could ever imagine.

George, 36y

I had a hormonal problem and suffered from severe conglobate acne. I was embarrassed to leave my home. I was just accepted to the university. My parents took me to Dr. Neophytou’s clinic. I still remember my first appointment and how relieved I felt afterwards. I followed a 5 month treatment, which was recommended by him and my acne is now in the past. My face is completely clean. My friends still cannot believe it !

Marina, 19y

2 months ago I noticed a small mark on my nose like a bump. Buy it wouldn’t go away. I went to Dr. Neophytou thinking that he would give mme a cream and it would disappear. Finally I was diagnosed with basic cell carcinoma, luckily in the first stage. It was removed and it’s over.

Peter, 53y

Lately I had an issue of concern. Melanoma! I lost my husband to it many years ago and I was desperately trying to convince my daughters to monitor their moles. I immediately arranged an appointment for both of them. I wanted to find an expert with a reliable mapping system with digital dermatoscopy. Dr. Neophytou managed to convince them to be thorough, to always apply sunscreen and to never forget to take an annual mole mapping with a comparison to that of last year, since everything is stored in the patient’s file and are sent in their private email. As a mother I did the best I could do for them.

Vaso, 62y

The last years I am troubled by eczema. I visited many doctors, tried many local preparations, with no particular outcome. A friend of mine mentioned Dr. Neophytou. He suggested medication and I started phototherapy treatments in his clinic. It made the biggest difference, eczema vanished and I’m feeling much better psychologically and physically. I’m very grateful!!!

Eleni, 35y

On my left shoulder I had a mole, which in the last months started changing in size and form. I went to Dr. Neophytou’s clinic for a check. I was diagnosed with melanoma in initial stage. He removed it surgically before it could spread. I did the examinations that he suggested and now all is ok. He prevented the worst!

Sotiris, 42y


Mesopen is an alternative form of mesotherapy. It helps the penetration of active substances, creating portals of entry into the skin barrier with the creation of controlled micronulls, thanks to its specially designed head (pen with 12 tiny titanium pins), without obvious skin injury. Through this mechanism of action, the penetration capacity of the active substances increases.



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