Dr. Yiannis Neofytou

NAME: Neofytou Yiannakis (Mr)
DOB: 24 February 1975
E-mail: info@cyprusdermaclinic.com

September 1994 – August 2000:
Degree in Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
June 1992: Graduated from the 2nd Lyceum of Pafos, Cyprus
(June 1992 – September 1994: military service)

Qualified Dermatologist

01/07/08 – today: Self Employed Dermatologist in Pafos, Cyprus
01/10/07 – 01/06/08: Worked as a Dermatologist in “Laser Derm Academy “ Athens,Greece
10/09/04  10/09/07: Residency in Dermatology-Venereology at the Dermatology Clinic of the University of Crete, Greece.
04/08/04 – 26/08/04: Observer at the Dermatology Clinic-Dermatosurgery dept. of the St. Johanns-Spital in Salzburg, Austria.
23/06/04 – 04/08/04: Medical practice in General Surgery at Pafos General Hospital of Cyprus.
21/04/04 – 20/06/04: Volunteer work at the “Laser Derm Academy” Athens, Greece.
21/04/03 – 20/04/04: Residency in Internal Medicine at the Internal Medicine Clinic of the “Polikliniki General Hospital”, Athens, Greece.
And Volunteer work at the “Laser Derm Academy” Athens, Greece.
10/10/02 – 10/04/03: Volunteer work at the “Laser Derm Academy” Athens, Greece.
05/10/01 – 04/10/02: Medical Registration Year, Twelve months internship in “Samothraki Medical Centre”, Samothraki Island, Greece.
01/05/01 – 30/09/01: Volunteer work at the “Laser Derm Academy” Athens, Greece.
02/10/00 – 23/04/01: Residency in Anesthesiology at the Anesthesiology Department of
the “Papanikolaou General Hospital”, Thessaloniki, Greece.


  • Inactive Member of the Medical Association of UK,
  • Member of the “Cyprus Medical Association”.
  • Member of the Cyprus Society of Dermatology
  • Member of the European Academy of Dermatology
  • Member of the American Academy of Dermatology
  • Member of the American Dermatosurgery Society


  • English
  • Greek
  • Turkish

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