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Hair dermoscopy

Why is hair dermoscopy necessary?2018-12-07T12:28:39+02:00

The number and the diversity of the factors causing hair loss make diagnose and finding the proper treatment a challenge.

Hair loss has huge psychological effects, because its consequences focus on scalp hair, a point of reference for ourselves and for the modern aesthetic image in general.

During normal hair loss we daily lose hair due to natural regeneration, but in pathological hair loss we lose an increased number of hair which is never replaced. This way a thinning occurs that is called alopecia.

The number and the diversity of the factors causing hair loss make diagnose and finding the proper treatment a challenge, which without proper staging and monitoring cannot give correct and scientifically documented results.

It is always the first necessary step to dealing with hair loss.
The thinning procedure is so gradual that at first it is not even visible. Even the affected person doesn’t immediately notice it. Furthermore he cannot compare its development, stability or reversal.

Hair dermoscopy is the most reliable method for diagnosing scalp hair conditions. Dermoscopy takes place using either manual dermoscope or pollarised light videomicroscope.

Total recording of the condition of hair follicles regarding number, quality and thickness of hair every 3 to 8 months is an objective comparator of the effectiveness of the recommended treatment, since we have the possibility to record every of scalp hair before and after.

What does the Dermatologist observe during hair dermoscopy?2018-12-07T12:24:05+02:00

In every Hair dermoscopy the following are recorded :

  • The number of existing hair follicles
  • The corresponding hair number
  • Hair thickness
  • The number of single hair follicles
  • Damages on the stem and roots of hair
  • Damages on the skin and blood vessels around hair follicles
How does hair dermoscopy help with the monitoring of the treatment?2018-12-07T12:22:53+02:00

Given that Hair dermoscopy acts not only as a diagnostic tool but also as an objective indicator of result monitoring, the software provides comparative images and percentage measurements, which render more clear the progress of the treatment.

Knowing the exact development and course of hair loss we can amend or enhance the treatment.

A detailed electronic file with all the patient’s digital dermoscopies is kept in the archive and is available for the correct and permanent monitoring of hair loss and its treatment.

Hair dermoscopy Cyprus Derma Clinic Yiannis Neophytou


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