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Eyelid Chemical Peel

What are black circles?2018-12-29T09:59:49+02:00

The term “black circles” means the hyperpigmentation which may appear around the eyes, giving an ungroomed appearance.

Black circles affect all ages, are particularly common among women and have a variety of etiopathogenesis.

Fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, bad eating ( anaemia), reduced fluid intake, smoking, chronic alcohol use are some of the aggravating factors of the “black circles”.

How does the chemical peel treatment work?2018-12-29T09:59:17+02:00

Trichloroacetic acid is a strong acid that causes chemical burn, which can reach the deepest layer of the dermis, depending on the concentration we use.

The trichloroacetic acid treatment is an individual treatment, adapted to the needs of every skin type.

Depending on the result we’re trying to achieve we chose the density of the solution. During the treatment the trichloroacetic acid solution is applied on the skin with the goal to create a controlled chemical burn.

The doctor allows the solution a few minutes to act . The treatment dramatically improves the skin’s appearance, reduces thin lines and superficial wrinkles and grants brightness to the skin.

Can it have good results?2018-12-29T09:58:38+02:00

The peel, depending on the concentration, the number of spreads and the application time, can have excellent results on the improvement of black circles, a cosmetic problem that concerns men and women.

It can be combined with laser treatment for even better results.

Are there any contraindications?2018-12-29T09:57:41+02:00

It must be avoided in cases of local or general inflammation, medication causing photosensitivity ( retinoids, sulfonamides etc.), pregnancy, immunosuppression and skin cancer.

Eyelid Chemical Peel Black Circles Cyprus Derma Clinic Yiannis Neophytou

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