What are warts?


Warts are caused by some types of the human papilloma virus (HPV), causing a rapid proliferation of the cells in the skin. This results in the development of benign protuberances, which are extremely contagious, unattractive but not dangerous.

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What do warts look like?


Warts have a hard surface, can be round or have irregular shape, flat or bumpy. They can also be white, gray or brown. Depending on the clinical picture and their position they are distinguished in common, flat and plantar.

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How do they spread?


Warts are spread through direct skin contact or indirectly with objects of common use or or in public places e.g. public baths and pools etc. Generally warts have an incubation time of 2-9 months.

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How are they treated?


By local application of chemical agents, laser removal, cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen, electrosurgery, local use of retinoids and keratolytics, surgical removal.

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