What is a radiofrequency?


Radiofrequency is a frequency located between 3kHz and 300GHz and the spectrum of which is  in the range of low frequency non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. RF devices affect the skin transmitting high frequency radio waves, which because of the resistance of the skin tissues cause a vibration of the electrons and the molecules of the cells, [...]

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What do radiofrequencies cause?


They aim at increasing the temperature deep in the skin up to the critical limit of 43°C. In this temperature a significant influence starts on the protein bonds that hold the collagen molecules stable. This way a denaturation of the collagen molecules takes place, which leads in its shrinkage. This shrinkage is interpreted by the [...]

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What are the advantages of the method?


No downtime is needed and the patients can return to their daily routine immediately.  Firming is achieved without incisions, sutures and bruises. It is a non invasive treatment with lower cost and patient monitoring after the treatment. 

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How long do the results last?


Radiofrequency treatment causes immediate collagen firming and further firming with time. The results can last up to 24 months, based on the natural aging procedure of the patient. 

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How safe is the treatment?


he application of radiofrequencies has an impeccable safety record . The most common recorded incidents are redness of the area, which subsides after a few hours. 

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What is 3-ΜΑΧP LUS?


3-ΜΑΧP LUS is a unique platform  embedding all 3 of the latest technologies Cavitation, MultipolarRF, VacuumRF, and constitutes the most complete and permanent, non invasive body sculpting method, solving every aesthetic problem on the face, neck and body.  1. Cavitation- Ultrasound fatdissolver Cavitation is a technology of focused ultrasounds of specific frequency which act in [...]

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What can you treat with 3-MAXPLUS?


drastic reduction of all stages and types of cellulitis Immediate face/neck/body firming with simultaneous lipolysis total body sculpting face lift with impressive wrinkle redduction antiaging localized fat reduction black circles treatment fluid retention treatment removal of toxins and fatty acids Improvement of lymph and blood flow reduction of double chin

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Why should I choose 3-MAXPLUS?


Advanced safety technology  nullifying the possibility of skin damage, because it possesses skin protection software, which isolates thenpole not in contact with the skin. A unique system combining all 3 necessary technologies Cavitation/MultipolarRF/ VacuumRF) for face/neck/body treatments. High power RF heads, which raise the skin temperature on the desired levels in half the time and [...]

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