How does it work?


It is based on the emission power of specific narrowband light (LED). Each head of the device has a light matrix of different color, where the LED have been carefully placed in order to emit light safely and efficiently onto the area of exposure. Omnilux Blue (blue light, 415nm) Ideal for the treatment of acne [...]

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Is it safe?


Phototherapy is considered an absolute safe antiaging and regeneration method as the Omnilux device does not produce any heat but only emits special healing light, which excludes any undesirable effect.

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Who is suitable?


Persons with Acne Hyperpigmentation Wrinkles Skin laxity Scars (acne, postsurgical) Dry skin Dumb skin Photo aging Healing of chronic wounds

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Omnilux phototherapy also has  remarkable results in cases such as skin cancers, but can be harmoniously combined with other healing choices, such as microdermabrasion, peeling, Laser etc.

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