What is Actinic Keratosis?


Actinic Keratosis creates small spots on the skin, which feel rough and dry, when touched, in comparison to normal skin, which gives of a velvet feel. The lesions manifest if the local immune system can not repair the cellular damage. They are very common and one of the main reasons for consulting a dermatologist. Actinic [...]

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What areas are commonly affected?


It manifest on areas of chronic exposure to the sun , such as the face, ears, chest and the bald part of the head in men as well as on the arms and the back of the hands. Solar keratosis affects mainly people with fair skin who have sun lesions.

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What is the treatment?


There is a variety of treatments. The doctor can remove keratosis by liquid nitrogen cryotherapy or use topical medication or surgical removal. Chemical peel can also be used as it destroys unwanted skin cells.

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