Clamydia infection is characterized as” silent epidemic “, because in a great number of patients it is asymptomatic. Especially in women the disease shows no symptoms at 70 -80% of the cases and for this it can be diagnosed long after the infection. Initially it causes cervicitis and then it can spread to the tubes and other genitalia.

Symptoms may include mucopurulent vaginal discharges, abnormal uterus bleeding or bleeding during intercourse, abdominal pain, pain during intercourse, fever, pain while urinating, frequent urination, local redness, itching or swelling of the vagina.

In men 50% does not show any symptoms, while in the rest 50% appear symptoms of urethritis (infection of the urethra), such as pain or burning during urinating , abnormal penis discharges, swollen or soft testicles or fever. If the bacteria spreads into the testicles , it causes epididymitis, which in rare cases can even cause sterility, if not treated in time. Also chlamydia can cause prostatitis.