CO2 Laser is a state-of-the-art system, characterized by its beautiful and ergonomic design, its many innovative characteristics and its reliability. The characteristics, which differentiate it from other similar systems, are:

  • Removable heads with automatic recognition
  • From the deepest up to the most superficial treatment CO2 Laser is capable of dealing with a broad spectrum of  clinical applications
  • It is a surgical CO2 Fractional Laser with a seven-point articulated arm
  • It has a 10,4” color touch screen
  • Its scanner can perform a 360º scan and 7 graphic images of adjustable size allowing the doctor to limit the application more accurately on the problem area, protecting thus the nearby healthy tissue
  • The seven-point articulated arm is metallic, with a solid structure guaranteeing stability and accuracy of the output laser beam and also 20,000 h of operation.