Fractional CO2 Laser is the latest and most innovative technology ( fractional photorejuvenation) in stretch marks treatment. Fractional CO2 Laser treatment is a non-surgical procedure which uses light pulses to break the stretch marks down and improve your skin’s appearance. Particularly the laser’s rays are divided in many thin bundles that scan selectively the whole surface of the skin. They act on the deeper layers of the skin and “awake” the fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen and elastin making the skin radiant, juvenile and firm.

Fractional CO2 Laser is the only one affecting substantial regeneration and restructuring of the collagen making the age marks disappear. The laser’s action in stretch marks treatment consists of the infliction of multiple microinjuries under the skin, which stimulate the fibroblasts in producing new collagen and elastin. After the healing the damaged skin is replaced by new, healthy skin, reducing the depth of the stretch marks. Its color resembles more to normal skin and the stretch marks gradually disappear. The skin’s texture improves significantly while it becomes firmer.