Thrush in the mouth
Canker sores or canker sores are small sores (ulcers) with a round shape, a white-yellow surface and a red rim. It is one of the most common diseases of the mouth. The exact cause of their appearance is unknown. Experts attribute them to genetic predisposition, certain viruses, injury to the oral mucosa and mainly to disorders of the immune mechanism and especially of lymphocytes.Their main characteristic is that they are accompanied by intense pain. Treatment: Because the cause of canker sores still remains unknown, there is no effective treatment that can cure them forever.
The recommended treatment is mainly aimed at alleviating the pain, reducing the duration of the lesions, but also reducing the number of repeated episodes.If you have canker sores often (eg 4-5 times a year) or notice that they occur much more often than in the past, you may need additional tests, such as blood tests to rule out other diseases.


Mesopen is an alternative form of mesotherapy. It helps the penetration of active substances, creating portals of entry into the skin barrier with the creation of controlled micronulls, thanks to its specially designed head (pen with 12 tiny titanium pins), without obvious skin injury. Through this mechanism of action, the penetration capacity of the active substances increases.



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