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What are radiofrequencies RF?2019-01-04T08:59:57+02:00

The device is based on a new RF generation with the goal to tighten the skin of the body as well as the face and they do it.

Do radiofrequencies help against cellulitis?2019-01-04T08:59:22+02:00

Radiofrequencies are used in cosmetics to deal with the occurrence of cellulitis and the deposition of fat in various areas.

The heat which is transferred under the skin helps in the increase of blood flow while it causes shrinking of the fat cells.

How does it work?2019-01-04T08:58:41+02:00

Through the Radiofrequencies the fibroblasts are activated and produce more collagen which, in 2-3 months, results in the skin looking younger, firmer and smoother. The system can produce 2 types of frequencies unipolar and bipolar.

Bipolar Radiofrequencies through a special head are applied to heat up superficially the face tissues (e.g. around the eyes, in the neck area). While with unipolar Radiofrequency the heat is transferred through a special head deeper in areas such as the legs, glutes, arms and belly.

How long does the treatment last?2019-01-04T08:57:50+02:00

The client is advised by his cosmetic consultant and decides according to his problem. Usually 6-8 sessions are necessary with a maximum of 12 in extreme cases.

Every session lasts 20-40 minutes depending on the size of the treated area and the number of “passings” according to the client’s problem.

Radiofrequencies Cellulitis Cyprus Derma Clinic Yiannis Neophytou


Mesopen is an alternative form of mesotherapy. It helps the penetration of active substances, creating portals of entry into the skin barrier with the creation of controlled micronulls, thanks to its specially designed head (pen with 12 tiny titanium pins), without obvious skin injury. Through this mechanism of action, the penetration capacity of the active substances increases.



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