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Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation with injectable hyaluronic acid?2019-01-07T08:52:54+02:00

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide found naturally on the skin and various other points of the body.

It is used to augment the volume, to tone or repair the contour but also to improve thin wrinkles around the mouth.

Are there any special materials for the lips?2019-01-07T08:51:50+02:00

In our clinic we have special treated materials from hyaluronic acid, with very low molecular weight so as to give a totally natural result without injuring the lip mucosa.

Is lip augmentation painful?2019-01-07T08:51:09+02:00

The lip area is indeed a very sensitive area. But the modern materials used today are a combination of hyaluronic acid and local anesthetic.

Further local anesthesia can be applied in the form of cream. The combination of the two renders the procedure almost painless.

Are the lip augmentation results permanent?2019-01-07T08:50:32+02:00

As with all injectable fillers the results are temporary. They usually last for 6-12 months. Then the procedure must be repeated.

Is lip augmentation harmless?2019-01-07T08:49:53+02:00

A necessary prerequisite is a thorough knowledge of the Doctor of the area anatomy, which is rich in vessels and nerve terminals.

The presence of swelling and small bruises after every lip treatment is absolutely to be expected. The return to daily activities is immediate.

Is lip augmentation only for women?2019-01-07T08:49:06+02:00

It is a procedure preferred mostly by women, but men can also proceed in lip augmentation in cases where the golden rule does not apply on their lip anatomy.

Besides in both men and women age has the same effects regarding the reduction of collagen and elastin in the lips.

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