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What is cavitation treatment for localized fat deposits?2019-01-04T09:30:26+02:00

Cavitation treatment is a modern and effective method used in cosmetic medicine addressing everyone who wishes to sculpt their body, get rid of cellulitis and have a healthy and thin body.

How does cavitation treatment work?2019-01-04T09:29:51+02:00

Cavitation treatment uses cold ultrasound to liquify the stored fat, through a natural phenomenon known as cavitation, which subsequently is eliminated through the lymphatic system.

In the Cavitation treatment, through the action of the ultrasound small air bubbles are created within the fat cells which then merge and burst causing rupture of the fat cell. Its content is then perfused in the lymphatic circulatory system.

Which areas are most suitable to receive cavitation treatment?2019-01-04T09:29:17+02:00

This treatment can be used on all cases of localized fat e.g. for love handles, belly or arms but mostly on small surfaces.

How soon are the results visible?2019-01-04T09:28:40+02:00

Results are visible immediately but become impressive within 2 weeks of treatment.

Cavitation Localized Fat Treatment Cyprus Derma Clinic Yiannis Neophytou

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