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What is Gonococcal Urethritis?2018-12-07T08:52:10+02:00

Gonococcal Urethritis or Gonorrhea is caused by the bacterium known as Neisseria gonorrhoeae.It is a sexually transmitted infection. Depending on the contact, vaginal, oral or anal, it may infect organs and tissues around their areas.

The bacterium infects both men and women but it can be asymptomatic. It usually affects the moist and warm areas of the mucous membranes, the urethra, the cervix, the rectum, the pharynx and the eyes (conjunctiva).

It is a common infection, many times asymptomatic. But treatment is necessary in order to prevent serious and irreparable damage.

What are the symptoms of the disease?2018-12-07T08:29:57+02:00

In men the first symptoms appear usually between 2 days and 2 weeks since exposure and look like those of chlamydia. Homosexual men can be asymptomatic, especially when the infection affects the pharynx or the rectum..

If you are a man, first you will fell itchiness and stinging in the urethra. A few hours later urinating becomes painful as you will feel pain and burning. Finally a milky discharge is from the penis is observed.

As the infection develops the pain in the urethra gets worse and large quantities of viscous, purulent discharges are produced. When you have an erection it is painful.

  • stinging in the urethra, pain or burning during urination, cloudy urine in most cases.
  • Pain during erection.
  • Thick yellow pus secretion from the penis in 50% of the cases .
  • Testicles inflammation.
  • Prostate inflammation .

If you are a woman, the symptoms may be very mild or nothing at all ( 60-80% of women is asymptomatic).

Symptoms manifest in 1 to 3 weeks’ time. The infection usually affects the cervix and other reproductive organs. You may have frequency, urge to urinate, dysuria, pus in the vaginal discharges and some inflammation which can diagnosed only by physical examination.

Symptoms are usually so mild that many women do not know they have been infected. In many cases the only indication that she’s infected, is that the male sexual partner manifested the disease.

Indications or symptoms in women are:

  • Infection and irritation of the cervix.
  • weak bladder.
  • Itchiness and burning in the area of uterus, usually accompanied by thick yellow to green pus secretion
  • Disturbances in the perianal region.
  • Bleeding between periods.

In both genders Gonorrhea of the rectum occurs from anal intercourse with an infected partner or from the spreading infection from the genital area. It may cause disturbances in the anal area and discharges from the rectum but in many cases it is asymptomatic.

What is the treatment ?2018-12-07T08:26:10+02:00

If you suffer from Gonorrhea it is very important that you abstain from sex until fully healed. The infections are treated by antibiotics in most cases.

The treatment of choice is penicillin in large dose for 5-6- days. The doctor may also prescribe painkillers.

But there are some strains of the bacterium which are resistant to many antibiotics. So after the initial administration a modification of the treatment may be needed.

When there is resistance erythromycin or other antibiotics are administered.

General treatment for complications in men includes hot baths, and if epididymitis has manifested relaxation, cold compresses and rest.

In women infection of the tubes requires rest and possible surgical intervention..



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