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Biological Peeling

What is biological peel for acne?2018-12-19T08:51:49+02:00

Biological peel for acne is a non-aggressive and less toxic peel, which is a very efficient treatment for the problems of seborrhea and mild or moderate acne.

What is the biological peel procedure?2018-12-19T08:51:09+02:00

Firstly we clean the skin with a special cleansing product and then we a gauze soaked in product containing salicylic acid we rub the whole surface of the skin.

This way we prepare the skin to let the acids penetrate it. Then we start the exfoliation procedure with an enzymic product, which destroys the excessive layers of keratin cells, it triggers the cell cycle, the production of collagen and the exfoliation.

There are 5 different acid stages which are applied for 10 minutes each. Then a product is applied with a particularly active combination of lactic acid, phytic acid and sugar cane combined with salicylic acid, which promotes and enhances the exfoliation procedure.

The completion of the treatment returns the skin in a rejuvenated relaxation state through a regenerative extract containing yeast, oat extract and soothing herbs.

What will my skin look like after the biological peel for acne?2018-12-19T08:50:19+02:00

A mild erythema appears right after the treatment which subsides in about 30 minutes. One can immediately go back to his daily routine.

Biological Peeling Cyprus Derma Clinic Yiannis Neophytou


Mesopen is an alternative form of mesotherapy. It helps the penetration of active substances, creating portals of entry into the skin barrier with the creation of controlled micronulls, thanks to its specially designed head (pen with 12 tiny titanium pins), without obvious skin injury. Through this mechanism of action, the penetration capacity of the active substances increases.



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