Jellyfish sting

by Dr. Yiannis Neofytou

Jellyfish sting is one of the most common conditions during the summer months

Their sting causes a series of symptoms such as:

* Itching, burning, stinging

* Pain

* Swelling

* Redness of the skin (brown and red marks)

* Discomfort

* Headache

Steps and ways to deal with the sting

* First, get out of the water to avoid a second bite

* Remove any tentacle residue with a towel or gloves if they are left on your skin. Do not be alarmed if the skin is red

* Pour plenty of sea water on the area or, if possible, immerse in a solution of vinegar or hot water for several hours

* Then to relieve swelling and reduce erythema, due to inflammation, apply a cream with calamine or cortisone cream, which have anti-itching properties and soothe irritated skin.

A simple solution is to carry an ammonia stick with you, which immediately relieves the itching and itching caused by the jellyfish sting.

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