What points on the face manifest laxity?


It is found on following points: on the cheeks, being more visible on the edges of the jawbone, resulting in the cheeks looking «down» and completely ruining the contour of the face, as sometimes they bring out the circles under the eyes and the frown lines. Also laxity appears under the chin (double chin).

What points on the face manifest laxity?2018-12-29T07:39:39+02:00

What are the reasons for laxity?


The reasons that our face shows laxity are: Muscle weakness caused by time Gravity, in a way, for «pulling downwards» the superficial tissues Τhe accumulation of layers of fat, which are pulled downwards by their own weight

What are the reasons for laxity?2018-12-29T07:36:10+02:00

What causes laxity?


Age, having as natural result muscle weakness and decrease of the tissues’ vitality Ρapid weight loss Skin’s elastolysis, that is the degeneration of collagen and elastin’s disruption

What causes laxity?2018-12-29T07:34:12+02:00
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