What are stretch marks?


Stretch marks are a form of scars developed on the skin as a result from acute tension applied on it. They are visible linear grooves due to disruption of the dermis’ elastic fibers, which have the color of the skin or manifest a reddish tint when they are recent.

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What causes stretch marks?


Normal stretch marks due to sharp increase in height during puberty Rapid weight gain Hormonal disturbances such as thyroid diseases, diabetes, hypercortisolism (e.g. Cushing syndrome), receiving HRT Medication e.g. cortisone In athletes due to rapid gain in muscle mass  Pregnancy

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Where do they appear?


They appear anywhere on the body where there is fat accumulation (belly, thighs, chest etc.). Initially they are of pink violet color, with time they turn white. It is noteworthy that in some cases stretch marks disappear by themselves taking the color of the skin. Nevertheless, because no one should bet on luck alone, the [...]

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