What is melasma?


Melasma or blotches is the name of hyperpigmentations on the skin, mainly occurring on the face, the neck and the hands. It is an acquired skin disease characterized by a symmetric patches of hyperpigmentation on the face.

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What are the causes of melasma?


The causes can be many, and until now are not totally clear. Genetic predisposition, sun light exposure and womens’ sex hormones are some of the factors , are some of the factors which are implicated. The clinical course of melasma is chronic and has frequent relapses complicating efficient treatment.

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Which are the therapeutic solutions for melasma?


Whitening creams: Topical treatment with whitening agents improves discoloration but incorrect application can create skin irritation and worsen hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels:Chemical peel removes excess melanin. Its application must be careful because it can cause postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. Dermabrasion: With dermabrasion the skin is regenerated as the part with discoloration is removed. Laser: Melanin has a wide [...]

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