Treatments for brides


The time has come for you to start a new life ! It’s your marriage … You dream of being beautiful, radiant and unique. In our clinic dr. Yiannis Neophytou will inform you of the suitable treatments for your face or body according to your marriage’s schedule but mainly based on your needs and expectations.

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Face treatments:


Oxygen therapy for bright skin  Dermabrasion with microcrystals or diamond for a clean and healthy face Radiofrequencies for the face for firming, radiance or for tired eyes Chemical peel for a face without any scars and discolorations Injectable mesotherapy for rehydration and nourishment of the skin Botox for frown lines on the forehead and eyes [...]

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Body treatments:


Cavitation and RF for body sculpting Injectable mesotherapy for lipolysis, firming or cellulitis Aqualyx bloodless liposuction for belly or love handles with localized fat deposition

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