What causes acne scaring?


Acne marks are usually the product of an inflammatory wound, such as a papule, pustule ή κύστor cyst. Acne scars are caused by acne. Inflammatory spots appear when the follicle or pore swells from excessive oiliness, dead cells and bacteria.

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What do we mean by surgical removal of acne scaring?


This method addresses people whose marks are very wide and deep scars. In these cases the doctor can remove the scars and close with sutures under better conditions. When the healing is complete it can be combined with other forms of treatment of acne scars used by our clinic such as mesopen and peels for [...]

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What is the expected outcome?


Scaring is a normal procedure of the body in order to heal a deep wound. It is something that happens to all and nobody is exempted. For this reason even if the doctor tries to remove a scar the body will recreate it. But the doctor can help to drastically improve the outlook of a [...]

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Are the results permanent?


People who have understood the expected results are very satisfied by the procedure. The result lasts for a lifetime if the problem of active acne has no further outbreak. For this it is recommended that the specific treatment ia performed after complete cure of acne when only the scars remain.

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