What is squamous cell carcinoma?


Squamous cell carcinoma is a malignant tumor, arising from the middle layer of the skin , the squamous cells. Squamous cells are the thin, flat cells that make up the epidermis, and look like fish scale under the microscope. It is the second most common form of skin cancer after basic cell carcinoma.

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Where does it appear?


It usually manifests as a small, red, painful bump. It can manifest anywhere. Usually it appears on the legs, head ( lips, mouth, ears, scalp hair ) and the back side of hands and arms. Often the skin looks like it has a sum damage, shows wrinkles, changes in color as well as loss of [...]

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Treatment depends on the size, depth, position and proof of metastasis of the cancer. The tumor and the skin around it can be removed by surgery. Some people may need skin transplant to replace the removed skin . Other forms of treatment are scraping and electrocauterisation of the cancer, cryotherapy, local medication, radiation, PDT, laser [...]


Is there relapse danger?


The constant use of sunscreen with high protection rate can help minimize further development of skin lesions. Regular dermatology examinations not only of the infected area but of the whole body must become a routine.

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