What are radio frequencies?


Radiofrequencies were long known to medicine and surgery and widely used be fore their beneficial effect on skin tightening and rejuvenation were discovered. Their use is also very successful in the thermal dissolution of fat cells while simultaneously tighten the skin.

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How do radiofrequencies act on face firming?


With a special device we administer Radiofrequencies in the skin, resulting in the activation of the fibroblasts and the immediate and painless production of collagen. Due to the high frequency bipolar radiowaves RF the dermis tissue and the collagen cells underneath the face skin are heated up until the time they contract and so the [...]

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Is the treatment painful?


Most patients find it very comfortable and describe it as a warm massage without any pain due to the special cooling mechanism the device’s heads have.

Is the treatment painful?2018-12-29T07:44:18+02:00
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