What is mesotherapy PRP?


Mesotherapy PRP is a modern solution to the problem of aging face skin. Also known as Autologous Face Mesotherapy the innovative PRP method exploits the growth factors, which the activated platelets from the patient’s own blood produce with the purpose to regenerate the skin in a more natural way.

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What are the advantages of mesotherapy PRP?


The advantage of the Autologous Face Mesotherapy PRP is that it exploits the forces of our own body. Particularly the treatment exploits the growth factors, which the platelets secrete. They are proteins with regenerative and restorative capacities, responsible for the healing of damaged tissues and the activation of the stem cells.

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How is the procedure performed?


In order to administer PRP treatment , blood is collected from the patient (5-15ml ) which then centrifuged in order to isolate the platelet rich plasma. After its collection the plasma is activated through the addition of solution of nucleotide s ( PRP plus DNA activator) and calcium ions. Then the polyvalent mixture of plasma [...]

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