What is autologous mesotherapy or PRP?


It is a type of mesotherapy during which we do not use substances like hyalurovic acid or vitamins but we infuse autologous ( that is the patient’s) plasma rich in platelets. The patient’s platelets have the capacity to gradually release growth factors in the appropriate points where they are infused.

What is autologous mesotherapy or PRP?2019-01-07T08:47:31+02:00

How does autologous mesotherapy work on stretch marks?


The goal is not to fill the stretch marks but to activate the fibroblasts, which in turn produce new collagen and all the necessary factors of the cell matrix ( elastin, glycoproteins etc.) as well as hyaluronic acid, which are responsible for the regeneration and rehydration of the skin. So, by total natural means , [...]

How does autologous mesotherapy work on stretch marks?2019-01-07T08:39:37+02:00

Is the treatment safe?


It is a safe treatment because it uses the patient’s own blood so there is no danger for an allergic reaction. Also, given that through the action of the platelets healing is fast, the patient can go back to his work on the next day.

Is the treatment safe?2019-01-07T08:38:51+02:00
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