What is Pityriasis Rosea?


Pityriasis Rosea is a mild inflammatory rash disease characterized by papular and macular lesions, which initially are distinct but may become confluent.

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What are the symptoms?


The basic symptom is a rash pink in color manifesting mainly on the chest and the abdomen and at a smaller degree, on the hands, feet, neck and back. Some tomes the patients have intense itchiness.

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Clinical picture of Pityriasis Rosea


People infected by Pityriasis Rosea manifest rash spots of round or oval shape and of light red color, slightly raised, which is covered by scales and rarely by blisters. Its center is wrinkled and light colored almost like the normal skin color.

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What is the treatment of Pityriasis Rosea?


In cases where there is no itchiness along with the rash no treatment is necessary. If there is itchiness in the area the patient should avoid hot baths and the use of non spedial soap along with rubbing by sponge or hard cloth. Lukewarm baths and rehydrating creams are recommended. Intense physical exercise should be [...]

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