What is photodynamic therapy?


Photodynamic therapy includes the use of photochemical reactions with interaction of photosensitising agents, light source and oxygen for the treatment of malignant and benign diseases.

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How is photodynamic therapy applied?


Photodynamic therapy includes two stages. During the first stage the photosensitising substance is administered to the patient in one or more ways (topical, intravenous, orally), and is absorbed by the target cells. The second stage includes the activation of the photosensitising agent in the presence of oxygen through a light of specific wavelength. Because the [...]

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Which photosensitising substances are used?


The most commonly used photosensitisers in PDT are ALA (amino – levulinic acid) aand MAL (methyl – amino – levulinic acid). Any light source with the adequate wavelength and high absorption in the spectrum of the photosensitising drug, can be used for the activation of the photosensitising agent.

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What are the indications for photodynamic therapy?


Photodynamic therapy in Actinic Hyperkeratosis For the treatment of Actinic Hyperkeratosis with MAL, the cream must be applied on the lesions after preparation of the skin. This includes removal of hyperkeratosis and scales in order for the drug to be absorbed better. Then MAL (Metvix) is applied with occlusion for about 3 hours and then [...]

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Can Photodynamic therapy be performed with the help of natural light?


Modern studies have shown that photodynamic therapy with the use of natural light has equal results to classic photodynamic therapy with use of artificial light sources. Furthermore the use of photodynamic therapy with natural light is better tolerated by the patient as it is painless . Half hour after the application of the photosensitising cream [...]

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