Do chemical peels help with antiaging?


The superficial chemical peel is another miraculous beauty treatment with no scalpel and is done either individually or in combination with cleansing. It is a controlled chemical burn that helps with the smoothing of superficial very thin lines, improving skin texture superficial and the whitening of sun spots. The result is a fresh, healthy, radiant [...]

Do chemical peels help with antiaging?2018-12-31T08:50:29+02:00

How does chemical peel act on antiaging?


A strong antiaging treatment that fights of the visible age marks and helps with the regeneration of photoaged skin, improving its elasticity, its color tone and texture. Due to the combination of ΑΗAs and PHAs – among them Lactobionic Acid – the production of collagen and elastin is triggered, while the skin is deeply rehydrated [...]

How does chemical peel act on antiaging?2018-12-31T08:49:36+02:00
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