Do PDO threads help with cellulitis?


PDO thread lift is an innovative and secure method which reduces body sagging but also cellulitis without an operation. The threads create a supportive net that lifts and supports the body tissues in a completely safe way. The threads are made of PDO (Polydioxanone). PDO is a very well researched material, which was used in [...]

Do PDO threads help with cellulitis?2019-02-15T15:02:26+02:00

How do PDO threads help with cellulitis?


PDO threads form a supportive grid under the skin and tighten it thereby eradicating immediately the ugly image of orange peel skin. They can be applied in the knees, thighs, adductors and their back side as well as the glutes. In many cases as soon as the skin is tightened cellulitis disappears immediately. Also because [...]

How do PDO threads help with cellulitis?2019-02-15T15:02:39+02:00
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