What is onychomycosis?


It is an infection which affects the nails of hand and feet causing nail alterations. It is caused by microorganism from the fungi family. Nail fungi can affect all parts of the nail and they spread to the neighboring ones or a general mycosis in the skin of hands and feet can coexist.

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What are the symptoms?


Clinically a change in the normal color of the nail appears, thickening or thinning, crumbling, deformity and detachment. ithout treatment there is always an endogenous fungal source, which can contaminate other nail and the person’s skin, and secondary it can cause pain, difficulty in walking, in standing and exercise as well as hypoesthesia or paraesthesia [...]

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Which is the most suitable treatment?


Cultivation of nail specimens reveals the responsible fungus. If diagnosed early, the treatment is easy, safe and quick. The doctor, depending on the case, may prescribe local preparation, oral medication and laser treatment.

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