What is digital mole mapping?


Digital mole mapping is the most reliable and specialized method of early diagnosis of skin cancer. A special digital dermatoscope enlarges the moles by 70% , records the warts that are scattered throughout the body and classifies them as suspect, benign or malignant. In this way all moles are recorded in digital form and there [...]

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When do we have to remove moles?


Removing a mole may be necessary for medical as well as for aesthetic reasons. It is the doctor who assesses whether the mole is suspect and needs to be monitored if has to be removed and what is the appropriate method to remove it. If you suspect malignancy, you send a specimen for biopsy.

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Is it necessary to check our moles?


It is of vital importance to control the moles 1 to 2 times per year, especially at the beginning of spring before sun exposure begins. People in high-risk groups must regularly check their moles.

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Which factors determine if a mole is dangerous for our skin?


The level of hazard for each mole is determined by : The large number of them throughout the body. A large diameter, a wart of over 6mm. Morphological change of a mole (itching, pain, stinging). If the color on the surface of a mole is not evenly distributed Change in the size of an existing [...]

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What kinds of moles are there?


Melanocytic moles are distinguished in many forms such as congenital, acquired, ligamentous, choriotic, mixed. Other types of moles include Shutton's mole, Backer's viper, Ota's mole, blue nevus, Spitz's mole, sebaceous mole, vascular mole.

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What are moles and what characteristics do they have?


Moles are usually small brown spots or skin patches that are present on the epidermis or on a deeper layer of skin, that is the dermis. Some moles are present from birth (relatives), while others develop during the first decades of life (acquired mole). Moles can be found anywhere on the body, they may be [...]

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