What is Mohs surgery?


Mohs surgery is an extremely innovative and effective surgical technique for the removal of skin cancer, which has a high rate of healing. This technique allows for microscopic checks during surgery and for earlier diagnose.

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How is it performed?


The intervention is usually performed with local anesthesia and there is no need for hospitalization. With the Mohs technique the removal of the cancer is done by horizontal layers. While the patient waits in the clinic the tissues are processed. Then a gradual examination of the preparation takes place in horizontal sections allowing for a [...]

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What is the difference between Mohs surgery and classic surgery?


In classic surgery the dermatologist removes the skin tumor which is visible and also removes a big part of healthy tissue in order to maximize the possibility of total tumor removal. Then it is sent to the lab for tissue processing, which takes time and the results are available after 15 days. Conversely in Mohs [...]

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