How does mesotherapy for hair loss work?


In cases of hair loss and alopecia we use mesotherapy to inject in the scalp, that is in the follicles the appropriate pharmaceutical and multivitamin substances to strengthen and promote regrowth of hair. Prior to the treatment the medical history is undertaken followed by clinical examination and digital dermatoscopy in order to determine the type [...]

How does mesotherapy for hair loss work?2019-01-07T09:38:19+02:00

What are the procedure and the action of mesotherapy for hair loss?


Mesotherapy for hair loss is a relatively painless technique trough which active nutrients are inserted in the mesoderm, the middle layer of the skin, to strengthen the hair. After completion of a cleaning protocol under strict compliance to the rules of sterilization, a mild analgesic topical treatment is applied. Then by causing microstinges on the [...]

What are the procedure and the action of mesotherapy for hair loss?2019-01-07T09:37:29+02:00

How many sessions are needed?


Treatments take place once a month for six to eight months depending on the alopecia type. From the very first treatments we observe a reduction in hair loss and then stabilization and strengthening.

How many sessions are needed?2019-01-07T09:36:32+02:00
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