What is mesotherapy?


Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive method in which conventional or non-conventional drugs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other substances specific to the problem are injected into the skin.

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What is mesopen?


Mesopen represents a new perception in cosmetic medicine based on innovative products, techniques and devices. The mesopen device offers, without any doubt, the best results in fractional mesotherapy safely and effectively, is easy to handle , with low cost and immediate and long lasting effects. The mesopen device stands out for its quality construction, the [...]

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Mesopen mesotherapy can be used to treat:


Skin laxity The depth of the face wrinkles Pigment spots and skin discolorations  Stretch marks Induces collagen genesis and an increase in skin thickness  Tightens and regenerates the skin How does mesopen for facial wrinkles work Mesopen prevents the decline of the skin’s anti-age mechanism. By treating the face with a mesopen we offer to [...]

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