What is LED phototherapy?


LED phototherapy is the latest, safe and efficient process, which increases the vitality of the cells and stimulates the fibroblasts through photoexcitation in a completely natural way. The skin cells are exposed to the beneficial light of various frequencies of the visible light spectrum with the use of special colored LEDs, with no exposure to [...]

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How does phototherapy help with face wrinkles?


Visible light (400-760nm) is part of the sun energy and a life giver of our planet, it acts as “photosynthesis” for the skin and is beneficial, revitalizing and therapeutic. Placing a high-tech mask on the face, we expose it to white light, which can penetrate deep into the skin and accelerate the metabolism of the [...]

How does phototherapy help with face wrinkles?2018-12-18T13:49:24+02:00
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