What kind of medical laser do you use to your office?


Motus AX is the new system that DEKA has developed to complete the Moveo technology. A system without rivalries, with all the benefits of Alexandrite laser without the disadvantages: The only wavelength which  is effective at treating  fine and light hair. In fact, no other type of laser is able to complete an efficient melanin [...]

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How the Deka AX laser works?


The laser light beam detects melanin in the hair follicle, accumulating at its core the temperature required to destroy it. With the destruction caused by laser heat, the pouches are weakened, weakened and unable to produce the same quality of hair.

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How painful is the hair removal with that laser?


Depilation with DEKA's modern MOTUS Ax laser is totally painless. It is a non-invasive medical procedure that is applied to the surface of the skin and therefore does not cause pain or injury. The Moveo handle has a built-in cooling system in contact with the skin that makes treatment even more enjoyable.

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How many sessions are required?


The set of sessions required varies for each individual as it depends on the area, the quality of the hair and some secondary factors such as age, hormones, weight, medication, metabolism, hereditary predisposition and some pathological conditions. Also important is the consistency in the time of laser application, in order to achieve the maximum desired [...]

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Is there a repeat laser session at your office?


There is, of course, a repeat session that takes place within 21 days of the date of the initial application, in order to help those hair that need more energy to fall off the skin. Therefore, the repeat session requires less time than what was required for the initial implementation. The recurring session is not [...]

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