What are hydroxylapatite fillers for the face?


Radiesse – hydroxylapatite is a new soft, non permanent injectable material, which is used for non invasive restoration of the face contour, for the filling of wrinkles and skin deepenings. Since its injection it helps with the collagen restoration by stimulating its natural production.

What are hydroxylapatite fillers for the face?2018-12-17T13:42:38+02:00

How does Radiesse work?


After it is injected Radiesse continues to act over time. During the injection hydroxylapatite interweaves with the collagen fibers of the nearby tissue creating a bigger grid on which new collagen is produced. Radiesse’s microspheres stimulate the skin’s collagen production mechanism around the area of its application. Even when Radiesse is totally absorbed new collages [...]

How does Radiesse work?2018-12-17T13:41:53+02:00
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