What are black circles?


The term “black circles” means the hyperpigmentation which may appear around the eyes, giving an ungroomed appearance. Black circles affect all ages, are particularly common among women and have a variety of etiopathogenesis. Fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, bad eating ( anaemia), reduced fluid intake, smoking, chronic alcohol use are some of the aggravating factors [...]

What are black circles?2018-12-29T09:55:36+02:00

How do black circles improve with hyaluronic acid fillers?


The latest development in modern treatment of black circles is called hyaluronic. It mimics the youthful appearance by contouring the eye socket. Technique is very important for the result. The hyaluronic must be administered in the eye socket, underneath the ciliary muscle of the eye and not in the superficial layers of the skin, it [...]

How do black circles improve with hyaluronic acid fillers?2018-12-29T09:55:02+02:00
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