What is the lifetime of hair?


The lifetime of hair is about 4-5 years. Every man loses daily around 100-150 hair, which is absolutely normal. What should cause concern is the replacement rate. There is also hair loss of more than 100 daily, of which some do not reappear. The loss is not steady and shows seasonal fluctuation. This hair loss [...]

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What causes hair loss?


Hair loss affects both genders, regardless of age. Heredity, stress, hormonal changes, medication, skin conditions, infections, diets, use of products with chemicals, exposure to extreme natural conditions, pollution, polluted water are the causes of hair loss. Also testosterone when found in abnormal high values is a cause because it affects growing in women too. Also [...]

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Are there different types of alopecia?


Androgenetic : Commonly called baldness. Has a genetic predisposition and can manifest in men abd women. Alopecia areata: Is hereditary, especially in people with autoimmune problems. Diffusa: The hair density decrease over whole scalp surface. Scarring: Is caused by loss of follicular ostia and creation of scars, caused by various inflammatory skin conditions (e.g. cellulitis, [...]

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