What is Genital Herpes and how is it transmitted?


The genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. It is caused by the virus HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) type 1 and 2. The infection by the virus HSV2, infects the genitals and is transmitted through the sexual act. The virus is found within the skin ulcer it causes. Contact with the ulcers transmits the virus. [...]

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What are the symptoms?


The first signs after infection with the virus HSV2, usually manifest after 2 weeks. Initially small blisters appear on the genitals or the area of the rectum. Then they break and local ulcers are caused accompanied by pain and itchiness. They can also be accompanied by swelling of the pelvic lymph nodes, a general illness [...]

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What is the treatment and the prevention?


There is no treatment until today to fully exterminate the virus. There is medication against HSV, which can reduce the duration and frequency of the manifestations and recurrences of the disease. Drugs such as acyclovir can be used locally and orally. The best prevention in cases of sexual activity is the use of a condom. [...]

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