What is facial cleansing?


Facial cleansing is a procedure that helps to remove excessive sebum and extract open blackheads, achieving a smoother skin and a more homogeneous skin texture.

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How is facial cleansing done?


It must be done carefully by a dermatologist or by specialized staff to avoid cross-contamination and marks. It is necessary to use steam to soften the skin and antiseptic fluids to avoid cross-contamination. Fruit acids can be used if necessary.

How is facial cleansing done?2018-12-29T10:03:44+02:00

What should we avoid after a facial cleansing?


The skin may be irritated 2-3 days after the cleansing and during this time sun exposure must be avoided. Sometimes the use of antibiotic creams or mild antiseptics is recommended while it is best if you do not use any make up for 24 hours.

What should we avoid after a facial cleansing?2018-12-29T10:02:57+02:00
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