What is Eyes’ Mesotherapy?


Eyes’ Mesotherapy is suitable in cases of intense black circles, eye bags, thin lines and wrinkles around the eyes.  Eyes’ Mesotherapy aims at the improvement of the microcirculation in the area through the use of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, peptides, organic silicon et al. in order to reduce swelling but also [...]

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How does mesotherapy work?


Mesotherapy is a technique of direct injection of various substances in the middle layer of the skin, the dermis, which mainly consists of  connective tissue fibers and is responsible for the nourishment and support of the skin. It includes necessary skin ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and the proteins collagen and elastin responsible for the [...]

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How is it applied?


The doctor chooses which combination of active substances to use according to the skin’s needs. The application of a numbing cream precedes the treatment which makes it completely painless. The doctor then, injects, using a very thin needle, the chosen substances. At the end of the treatment a special mask is applied to soothe the [...]

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