What is OxyGeneo?


OxyGeneo is an innovative technology for skin exfoliation  (removal of dead cells from the skin’s surface), with the goal to improve the oxygen levels and the infusion of basic nutrients for the skin’s enrichment. The simultaneous exfoliation and oxygenation of the skin  optimizes absorption of the valuable ingredients in the nutrient rich gel-cream.

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What constitutes the device OxyGeneo?


The device geneO + oxygeneo redefines face treatment as it embodies the 3 most effective technologies for skin improvement currently available for a  Super Facial: OxyGeneo, Ultrasound & TriPollar RF – a skin rejuvenation treatment 3 in 1. A single platform that offers nutrients and tightens the skin, while reducing wrinkles, spots and acne.  The [...]

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What is the mechanism of action of OxyGeneo “3 in 1”?


OxyGeneo draws inspiration from the therapeutic properties of natural thermal springs , which are known for the oxygenation of  the skin. By simulating this phenomenon, OxyGeneo exploits the body’s natural mechanisms to provide simultaneously 3 effective treatments : Uniform exfoliation of the skin’s outer layer Infusion of a skin care formula rich in nutrients Natural [...]

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What are the benefits of the OxyGeneo treatment?


Natural skin oxygenation from within Uniform exfoliation without irritations Reduced skin discoloration and sun damages Uses the body’s mechanisms to make skin lighter Very effective soft formula Improves and tones the skin’s texture Single use parts  ensuring maximum hygiene Simple, safe and pleasant Relieving skin lines and wrinkles Revitalizes dumb skin Rehydrates and nourishes

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