What is the difference between Οmnilux PDT and Day Light PDT;


The treatment process and the action mechanism are exactly the same. The only difference is that the Οmnilux PDT device uses artificial LED light for the activation of  the photosensitising substance while in the Day Light PDT the area  is exposed to natural  daylight.

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Is it safe?


Photodynamic therapy PDT is generally an absolute safe and efficient method without any side effects. It can be applied to men and women, adults as well as adolescents. It is a very safe method without any complications or dangers. In extremely rare cases the patients have reported having a burning sensation, dry skin, mild pain [...]

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What should I expect after the treatment?


Within the first 2-3- days a redness will appear on the skin and there a crust may be formed, which as soon as it fells of will leave the skin pink for about 7 days depending on the case and the severity of the damage and the skin’s response to the treatment.

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Benefits of the method


The application of Photodynamic therapy in dermatology has the benefit of being non invasive and almost painless for the treatment of areas with a low rate of healing. Furthermore it does not affect the tissues and leaves the skin around the “target” intact and operational and has good cosmetic results.

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