What kind of medical laser is used in your surgery?


Motus AX is the new system developed by DEKA for the integration of Moveo technology. An unrivaled system, with all the advantages of the Alexandrite laser, the unique wavelength that is effective in treating fine and light hair. In fact, no other type of laser can combine efficient melanin absorption (at 755 nm), high peak [...]

What kind of medical laser is used in your surgery?2019-02-09T21:36:23+02:00

How does DEKA’s MOtus AX laser work?


The laser light beam detects melanin in the hair follicle, accumulating at its core the temperature required to destroy it. With the destruction caused by laser heat, the pouches are weakened, weakened and unable to produce the same quality of hair.

How does DEKA’s MOtus AX laser work?2019-02-09T21:35:43+02:00

Is laser hair removal painfull?


Depilation with DEKA's modern MOTUS Ax laser is totally painless. It is a non-invasive medical treatment that is applied to the surface of the skin and therefore does not cause pain or injury. The Moveo handle has a built-in cooling system in contact with the skin that makes treatment even more enjoyable.

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How many sessions are required?


All of the required sessions vary from person to person as it depends on the area, hair quality and some secondary factors such as age, hormones, weight, medication, metabolism, hereditary predisposition and some pathological conditions. Also important is the consistency in the time of laser application, in order to achieve the maximum desired result, sessions [...]

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Can it be in tanned skin?


DEKA's ultra-modern lasers have impressive results for each type of skin. Of the lightest skins, even the darkest. Where does it apply? The epilation laser can be applied at any point of unwanted hair growth, both to the woman and to the man.

Can it be in tanned skin?2019-02-09T21:33:00+02:00

What signs does the DEKA MOTUS AX laser have from the rest of the Alexandrite laser?


It penetrates the skin deep enough to reach the follicles and weaken them, resulting in hair loss. It is very effective for people with light and thin hairs (fluff). It is allowed to use in tanned skin and generally on all skin types. The treatment is totally painless. About Google TranslateCommunityMobileAbout GooglePrivacy & TermsHelpSend fee

What signs does the DEKA MOTUS AX laser have from the rest of the Alexandrite laser?2019-02-09T21:32:06+02:00
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