What is digital dermatoscopy?


Digital dermatoscopy is the most reliable and specialized method of early detection of skin cancer. A special digital dermatoscope enlarges the mole up to 70% and records all moles which are scattered all over the body.  This way all moles are recorded in digital form and there is the possibility of comparing them during the [...]

What is digital dermatoscopy?2019-02-27T20:35:06+02:00

What is the digital dermatoscopy procedure in your practice?


The patient takes off his clothes and initially all moles are examined by the doctor both clinically as well as dermatoscopically. Every mole is numbered and its size recorded measured in mm. All notices are saved in the patient’s file so that a comparison can take place at the patient’s next visit which usually is [...]

What is the digital dermatoscopy procedure in your practice?2019-02-09T22:34:35+02:00
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