What is electrosurgery or diathermopixia?


Electrosurgery is an invasive technique, during which various lesions on the surface of the skin are cauterized. In electrosurgery we use electrical current, which is transferred through a handheld element directly on the skin lesion and destroys it.

What is electrosurgery or diathermopixia?2018-12-07T13:56:25+02:00

Which cases are treated?


With electrosurgery we can eliminate lesions such as small cherry angiomas, papillomas, hyperkeratosis, sebaceous hyperplasia etc. The treatment is only minimally invasive and causes a light feeling of instant burning on the skin.

Which cases are treated?2018-12-07T13:55:39+02:00

What is the procedure?


The whole procedure is done with the use of a local numbing cream, so it is very well tolerated. In some cases the use of local anesthesia may be necessary.

What is the procedure?2018-12-07T13:54:57+02:00

What precautions should I take after the treatment ?


On the treated points a thin crust is developed, which subsides in 5-10 days. Usually the patient should apply either an antibiotic cream or an antiseptic solution for a few days. The treatment can be repeated after 2-3 weeks if necessary.

What precautions should I take after the treatment ?2018-12-07T13:41:04+02:00
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